Well Child Exams

Well Child Exams

Keep your child safe and well, from birth to adulthood, growing and developing to their full potential. We’ll help you with your child’s care. Your child will need more pediatric well-child visits when they’re younger and developing the fastest.

Even if your child is healthy, well-child visits are important because it’s a good time to focus on your child’s wellness. Preventive care is important to keep your children healthy.


We’ll examine your child from head-to-toe. You can mention any concerns you have or areas you want the physician to check. We’ll also check your child’s motor skills and development as they’re important, too.

Your Child’s Growth Chart

A well child exam begins with your child’s measurements — length, weight, and head circumference. Based on your child’s measurements we’ll plot a growth chart so you can see how your child grows and develops.

What We Do For Your Child

When you come to us for healthcare, you’re getting treatment from board-certified physicians who specialize in the prevention of serious illnesses. Our physicians will work with you so you will always understand the treatment that you’re getting.

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    • Anemia Screening
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